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Unparalleled and Unbiased Resources to Help You Manage, Grow, and Protect Your Finances

Even the most fundamental financial knowledge can help secure and grow your future assets at an accelerated pace. Make strategic, intelligent decisions with the helpful information that Todd and his show can provide. If you want to achieve financial stability and wealth, be intentional and stop following the crowd—begin by listening to our episodes.

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Cover Your Assets is the longest-running financial radio show on ESPN, hosted by Todd Rooker. The show has been airing for over 12 years, reaching thousands of listeners in the United States. It covers everything you need to improve your position, from managing your life and earned income to your navigating your career or starting and building a business.

During the show, Todd guides you on how to determine the greatest leverage for you and your investment dollars. The areas include:

  • Paper investments, stocks, bonds, indexes, mutual funds, and other assorted variations
  • Investing in a business or company, yours or someone else’s
  • Real estate investing, residential, commercial, all the way down to how to purchase and finance your first home

Nothing is off-limits—taxation, insurance, credit, and strategically managing debt. Topics will even include the mental strength and mindset it takes to succeed. Todd will teach you how to position your business for financing and growth, franchise it, take it public, and everything in-between.

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Todd is not only knowledgeable in all these areas but genuinely substantive. How one person can possess this much knowledge and wisdom in many areas is simply astounding.


Financial Coach Extraordinaire

Todd Rooker is Minnesota’s best financial consultant and coach, bar none! He’s the most gripping, jarring, and sometimes abrasive expert you will ever hear or meet. While not a financial advisor selling paper investments, he understands businesses and investments of all types. He provides real, honest, behind-the-scenes information you have been looking for—delivered in a blistering, bottom-buck no-bull fashion.

Todd is well-known for providing life-changing and wealth-building advice to consumers, business owners, and financial professionals. He dedicates his time to helping them make better financial and personal decisions. Todd believes we are vastly more capable than we think we are. He focuses on bringing it out!

Todd is often called a financial professional and financial consultant. He has worked with thousands of professionals to help them build and protect their assets.

With over 25 years of experience, Todd discovered a few trends that prevent people from reaching financial success and empowers them to overcome these hindrances. On his radio show, Cover Your Assets, he answers burning financial questions and provides tools that fuel listeners to unlock their economic potential.

Todd Rooker believes that YOU are and should be the only person controlling your life and finances. He will educate and empower you to make the best financial decisions. With numerous options, you can change your mindset about your money, become intentional with your finances, and face your financial goals head-on. Become the hero of your own story!

Financial security can be challenging, even for professionals. The biggest challenge is the insatiable desire for a better lifestyle. It isn’t that having a lavish lifestyle is necessarily bad. However, in the early growing years, each dollar you choose to spend on nonproductive lifestyle items stands in direct conflict with your pursuit of building security and wealth. Assets make money, and liabilities cost money.

Todd will never be the guy who tells you that you have to pinch pennies and thrift your way to wealth. Or tell you that you cannot have a lavish lifestyle. There has to be a deliberately controlled balance. Once you have achieved a reasonable level of success or net worth, you can enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. Does that mean it’s too late for you? NO!

You can go from broke to wealthy in five years or less— if you know what you are doing!  

Todd Rooker is here to provide listeners with tips on finding financial security and building strength in the shortest amount of time. He provides in-depth information about all types of investments, financial building and planning, and financial independence, so listeners can make smart decisions for their families and future.

Whether you’re struggling under crushing debt, lawsuits, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or caught in the tangle of other financial setbacks, Todd Rooker has been helping people in these compromised situations since the farm crisis of the mid-1980s. He can teach you how to plan and operate in a compromised position strategically.

Todd provides solid strategies to help you make wise decisions and minimize the damage. He will guide you on intelligently dealing with your challenges and put you back in control of what might seem like an uncontrollable situation. But one of the most important things he can help you with is rebuilding your life to ensure you are never here again.

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