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Cover Your Assets is a weekly radio show hosted by Todd Rooker, a highly regarded financial coach and strategist in Minnesota. Since its debut on 1500 ESPN AM Radio in 2011, the program has tackled a wide range of financial topics and crossed the stream of on-demand audio content.

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There’s no better time to start making smart and proactive decisions for your finances than now. When you listen to our on-demand episodes on Apple Podcasts, you will learn powerful yet achievable tactics to overcome your financial setbacks and achieve success. Here’s why our Podcasts are worth listening to:

Discussions about banking, accounting, and financing can get complicated. But Todd Rooker is here to make it easier for you to understand and be confident about your finances. Through his casual and conversational approach, he addresses common financial issues head-on, so you can learn effectively and take the next step to success.
During the show, Tod Rooker taps into the knowledge of experts in the field to help build interest in your finances. He engages in thought-provoking conversations with different personalities and professionals to reshape your perspective on your personal finances and help you discover your enthusiasm to master your financial well-being.
Cover Your Assets is a great educational tool to help you manage, protect, and improve your finances. Thanks to the convenience of Apple Podcasts, gaining first-hand access to expert knowledge has never been easier! Instead of browsing through confusing manuals, you can now listen and learn directly from seasoned professionals who can provide invaluable financial insights and advice.

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