About Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker provides unbiased and powerful financial tactics to the individuals and businesses of the 21st century.

Forming healthy financial habits is necessary to ensure financial security and freedom. For this reason, it is crucial to obtain even the most fundamental knowledge on how to change the trajectory of lives and overcome financial roadblocks with confidence. Thankfully, plenty of tools are available to help businesses and individuals learn to master their finances.

Cover Your Assets is the leading financial radio show that has been guiding listeners on how to improve their finances and protect their assets step by step. Hosted by the well-known financial coach and strategist Todd Rooker, this show provides cutting-edge tools and resources to help listeners address their financial issues and reach their financial goals.

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Meet Our Host

Todd Rooker has been offering expert financial coaching and advice to individuals, businesses, and financial professionals. After completing his advanced degree in finance, MSF, he dedicated his next 25 years to helping people reach their financial goals as well as realizing their aspirations throughout their financial journey.

He founded Rooker Financial Consulting, which teaches professionals, from financial advisors and certified public accountants to insurance agents and mortgage bankers, on various financial, banking, and accounting topics. He also offers accredited classes regarding business development, loan modification, debt settlement, and more.

About Our Show

Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker is a long-running financial radio show airing on 1500 ESPN AM Radio every Saturday from 8:00 to 9:00 am. On-demand episodes of the show are now available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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How We Started

With years of experience behind him, Todd Rooker discovered a critical factor influencing how businesses and individuals obtain success. He found that one reason many people face debilitating financial setbacks, like debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and defaults, is the lack of knowledge and resources on how to protect their finances.

In 2011, he started his radio show Cover Your Assets, which offers unbiased, cutting-edge insights and advice about a wide range of financial topics, including debt settlement, investment options, retirement, and even effective methods to achieve financial security.

Our Mission

Cover Your Assets believes that the best way to help businesses and individuals navigate the challenging financial landscape is by giving them a trusted place to run to. As the leading source of informative and inspiring financial insights, our team is committed to helping people achieve an improved quality of life.

On the radio show, Todd Rooker invites different experts and personalities from all walks of life to talk about all things finances and give listeners advice on how to eliminate financial obstacles and quickly move towards their goals and visions for their future lives.

How We Change Lives

Have a glimpse of the lives of the people whose mindsets about finances, savings, and investments have changed by listening to our episodes:

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